Lindos Hotels
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Xenones Lindos

This historic complex consists of 17 Studios and Family apartments, within 4 blocks of units. Three of the blocks attached each other and the fourth one is just 150m away.

Each block of accommodations, sharing a fantastic Lindian style ground level courtyard, whereas in between Blocks B & C, our guests will be able to enjoy the fantastic views of the common, big equipped with chairs and tables roof top terrace.

Part of the complex is more than one century old and stone built, used to be captains houses (Ship Masters Houses), nowadays transformed to beautiful open plan family apartments.

A few of the rooms, have their own private balcony / terrace (subject to availability), due to restrictions by the Archeological Authorities, which do not allow property owners to build balconies / pools / install solar panels among others. This way we keep our accommodations traditional.
All of the rooms, offer basic self catering facilities, including a mini fridge, kettle, portable cooking hobs, toaster, pans – plates –glasses among others.
In addition these unsuited w/c – shower units are equipped with A/C, Satelite LCD TV, Hairdryer, DVD / MP3 Player (on request), Safe Deposit Box etc.

The property offers limited hours front office facilites, but most of the hours during the day one member of us is on the spot or close, for your convenience. The reception office is in Block A. Daily cleaning, change of bedlinens / bath towels every 3 stayed overnights are provided.

Xenones Lindos is only 80m away from Little Lindos.